Private Lessons

  • Day: Saturdays (but other dates and times are available)
  • Venue: Cooper's Lodge, Coventry
  • Price: £35 per hour

Private lessons provide an opportunity for one-to-one tuition, with couples, groups of people or just one person. Private lessons are tailored to support preparation and improvement for IDTA Medal Tests, the development of competition work and to develop individual First Dance Wedding routines, tailored to reflect each couple’s skills and abilities.

Private lessons for IDTA Medal Tests:

These lessons are for an hour at a cost of £35 per hour, per lesson and provide an opportunity to focus on specific areas of development including: routines, technique, posture, timing and musicality, in a one-to-one friendly atmosphere.

Competition work:

These lessons are for one hour at a cost of £35 per hour. The school does not currently have any couples that are competing,. However private lessons will be used to develop routines, work on specific areas of technique and provide each couple with the opportunity to work with their teacher to improve every aspect of their dancing.

First Dance Wedding Routines:

These lessons are for one hour at a cost of £35 per hour. Many people these days are looking to develop a specific routine to dance at their wedding. Private lessons can be used to select the most appropriate music, develop a routine that is specific to each couple and then develop that routine over a period of time, working at a speed that is appropriate to each couple.

New image 2 - 2015

Introduction to Dancing Feet

It wasn’t until Mark started teaching us that I understood dancing much better. It is the way Mark teaches, going over steps at our pace, moving on when ready, and really making us understand footwork, positioning, where your weight is supposed to be; in fact, everything I hadn’t understood properly before.

Pam & Iain Goddard